Advanced Infrastructure Management Solutions

Cloud Based Network Device Monitoring

We offer the widest and deepest coverage of network devices from virtually every major manufacture. Support for thousands of device models provides our customers with the certainty of being able to quickly and accurately detect faults and performance related problems. Our coverage extends from the physical cable all the way up through traffic, traffic types, network protocols, and complex functions like Network Access Control, Voip, Wifi, load balancer synchronization and more. Our support for Optical transports, DWDM, Sonet, FDDI leads the industry. Our MPLS and VPN support provides organizations with the ability to automatically map WAN topologies across LANS and DataCenters, even DC's with NSX, Nexus, and dedicated link fabrics.

Get alerts and performance information from WAN accelerators, firewalls and load balancers regardless of vendor. Our RCA and correlation engine allows the operations team "at a glance" determination of whether network device issues are affecting applications, departments, customers, or users and exactly why, where and how.

Our Configuration Management tools can ensure compliance, improve security, reduce mistakes, and save thousands of hours of Configuration management labor. With Network Configuration Management, our customers can quickly generate PCI DSS / HIPAA / FISMA / SOX compliance reports, thus lowering labor requirements for auditing and compliance.

AI4Cloud employs RCA Root Cause Analytics across the entire stack providing Artificial Intelligence enhancement and deduplication of alerting across the entire tools ecosystem, and across the entire scope of the technology domains underpinning business applications. In arriving at correlation, our solution includes and analyzes an N-Dimensional array of factors:

  • Application Deep Analytics
  • Application Connectivity
  • Application Process Availability
  • Application Cluster Status and Health
  • VMware and HyperV Virtualization
  • Operating System Health and Performance
  • SAN and NAS Storage
  • Transport Protocols - Vlan, L2vlan, bpg, ospf, mpls, eigrp, etc.
  • Network Routing, Switching, Load Balancing
  • Physical hardware, and physical transport
  • EUE - End User Experience probes
  • A.I. Plus FSM - Critical for complex environments.

    FSM Features / Critical Apps need FSM / FSM Infrastructure Example

    are ai4cloud Network Device Monitoring services a fit for you?

    We developed a short set of questions below for which AI4Cloud has answers and solutions.

    Cloud Based Network Device Monitoring

    • Is your monitoring and management implementation not living up to the full depth and breadth of its coverage and reach?
    • Tired of having to dedicated 10 engineers, 3 supervisors, a manager and a vice president on way too many IT outages?
    • Interested in reducing the Mean Time to Diagnose the Root Cause of every problem?
    • Have a desire to change to a PRO-active approach to heading off faults BEFORE they affect the business?
    • Need your teams to have visibility across all technology domains and to be able to address the problems with the highest Business Service Impact FIRST?

    Let AI4Cloud show you how Smarts and SAS can cover more of the Enterprise for less effort and better return on your investment.

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