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AI4Cloud Services Overview

Has employee attrition, turnover, and corporate restructuring turned your network into the great unknown?  Does "Information Overload" characterize your current monitoring, ticketing and reporting services?Does the increasing complexity of the technology in your company have you worried your tools and processes are not up to the task of maintaining business availability?

AI4Cloud specializes in OSS Operational Support, and BSS Backend System Support mechanisms, strategies and tools.  We have over 30 years of combined experience in helping companies as large as Dell, CVS, Chevron, Ameriprise, AT&T, to meet their operational goals.  We have also helped smaller and midsized companies to achieve greater levels of maturity in managing business continuity via better aligning IT Infrastructure service with Business Goals and Business Impact.

A.I. - Aligning Business Goals with I.T. Health

Business Views / Application Views / Infrastructure Views

are ai4cloud services a fit for you?

We developed a short set of questions below for which AI4Cloud has answers and solutions.  In each of the Service Offerings on the left, you will find additional "right fit" questions tailored to each topic.

  • Want to move to the Cloud but lack the strategy to visualize and monitor both the legacy environment and the Cloud components?
  • Tired of complex outages requiring 5-10 engineers to track down the problems?
  • Can't seem to arrive at a good plan for consolidating the dizzying array of monitoring tools your organization has collected over time?
  • Does your OSS and BSS system seem to be ineffectual at getting the right ticket to the right person at the right time?
  • Tired of the IT teams finger pointing, and inability to deliver Actionable Business Intelligence in Departmental terms and by Business Function?

Ask us about our holistic approach to Cloud and Enterprise Infrastructure, Application, and Business Monitoring, or go to the Service Offerings links at the left for more information.